Greeting Project - Ethereum Smart Contract implementation with VueJS

This is an implementation of an Ethereum smart contract with a Vue Cli-3 project, to demonstrate how to implement a simple smart contract. The smart contract written in solidity, but compiled and deployed using this JS application. This project is not connected to any database, the data is fed to this website directly from the ethereum smart contract, with no middle-zone. The instructions on how to download nodejs and initialise the project are available on our documentation page. You can also find step-by-step guide on how to write, compile and deploy this smart contract.

The Smart contract code can be found here on etherscan, and our git repo for the contract and this website can be found here.

This contract is deployed to the Rinkeby Test Network, in order to interact with it you will need, Chrome Browser, MetaMask installed and wallet enabled to the Rinkeby Network. You will also need some Rinkeby Test Ether to play with, instructions on how to get test Rinkeby Ether is available on our documentation page as well.

This is a simple web application, but the same process can be applied to more complex projects, the front end is centralised for our project - but more advanced decentralised front-ends can also be built, to make the entire application front and back end decentralised. The same process can be applied to build mobile applications with a smart-contract/blockchain back-end - you can build voting applications, decentralised organisations, blockchain tokens and many more. The possibilites are only limited by your imagination.

If you have a smart contract idea, would like to build your own decentralised application or would rather have us build it for you, get in touch with our project management team on our official blockchain website.